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All verbal, telecommunications, and/or written quotes will be valid for up to 48 hours (2) days from date of inquiry. After this period, quotes are subject to revision to the current market price, if applicable.  


In order to secure a service with Eu4icLaB Inc., a 50% retainer deposit of the service total must be made payable via electronic bank transfer. We will not guarantee or reserve any dates.


Balances must be paid in full via electronic bank transfer no less than 48 hours PRIOR to event start. 

If full payment is not received by the event date, we will be unable to provide our services and any deposits pre-paid will be non-refundable. Failure to pay balance in a timely fashion may result in delays with setup and/or forfeit of retainer deposit. 


** Services booked within less than 14 days, require FULL payment to secure the booking** 


Booking deposits are non-refundable and (1) one-time transferable. Date transfers are subject to availability. We will not guarantee or reserve any dates. Full payment is required in the event that the terms outlined above are not met. 


Any additional services rendered on the event date must be paid in full prior to evacuation from event venue. Any debtors following this date will incur additional fees and/or be passed to a collections agency whose fees the client will be liable for.


In instances where damage deposits are collected, this fee is refundable back to the client within fourteen (14) business days after the completed booking, if no damages are found. 


For any returned, incorrect, or void payments, an administrative fee will be applied. NO EXCEPTIONS!


We adhere to all AGCO laws and legislations. 

We do not include alcohol or bar stock in any packages offered. In accordance with AGCO, we are only licensed and insured to serve, NOT sell or supply alcohol or bar stock. 


All clients are responsible for providing the following: 

  • Alcohol/bar stock (including ice)

  • Glassware or faux  glassware 


Guests are not permitted to serve their own alcohol.

All alcohol must be opened, poured, served & under the supervision of Eu4icLaB. This includes canned & bottled beer.


If anyone serves themselves/others, or if any bottles of liquor are taken against the will of the Eu4icLaB team, we reserve the right to CLOSE down the bar regardless of time or amount of alcohol remaining. 


The bartenders will NOT serve ANY alcohol to ANYONE until the agreed bar opening time

The bartenders will NOT serve ANY alcohol to ANYONE past the agreed bar closing time


ALL guests are required to present proper ID to show proof of age upon request. Guests that are asked to present an ID & cannot, will not be served.


Any misconducted or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. In any instance where a Eu4icLaB Inc. team member is abused, defamed, assaulted, harassed, bullied, battered or slandered will be subject to immediate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of contract and/or involvement of other authorities.


Eu4icLaB reserves the right to refuse service to anyone without reason or incident. We reserve the right to suspend service for over consumption to patrons. 


Eu4icLaB is cautious and observant when serving alcohol to guests to ensure a fun and safe environment. Eu4icLaB is not responsible for any individual who may arrive intoxicated,  become intoxicated or for any damages that may be caused by an intoxicated guest. Event host is liable for any and all alcohol-related injuries or accidents during or following the event.



We understand things happen. We strive to be accommodating and fair in all instances where cancellations are requested. 


All sales are final. NO REFUNDS! 


Once the Eu4icLaB Inc. customization process has begun, you forfeit your deposit in the event of cancellation. 


Notice: More than 48 hrs

You are permitted a 1-time transfer of your date at no fee. 

⁃ Must be done within a 90 day period. 

⁃ New event date must be within a year.

⁃ Date requests subject to availability.

⁃ Pricing subject to adjustment to current rates.


Notice: Less than 48 hrs

Deposit is void.



We will arrive on-site approximately 1 hour prior to confirmed event start.

All bar stock must be available on site prior to team arrival/bar setup. Failure to do so may result in late service and/or forfeit of services. No refunds!


Setup area must be clearly marked, identified, sanitized and cleaned prior to team arrival at venue. Failure to do so may result in delay or cancellation of setup.



All outdoor bookings must have the following:

  • Contingency plan (weather, environment, cancelled venue, etc…)

  • Shaded area (Tent, Gazebo, Pavillion, etc) 

  • Access to water 



Under the provision of services, the undersigned, hereby consent to the use of photograph or likeness in any publication, videotape, pamphlet or promotion by Eu4icLaB Inc. or other agencies which are promoting or furthering the mission of Eu4icLaB Inc. I understand that I will not receive separate compensation or consideration from Eu4icLaB Inc. or anyone else for the permission granted in this Consent nor for the actual publication or use of my photograph or likeness. By signing this Consent, I understand I am releasing Eu4icLaB Inc. from any and all liability that may occur as a direct or indirect result of my photograph, the release of my identity, or the public relations materials, including but not limited to the use of any quotations/media.

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